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Don’t Let Your Emotions Block Your Road to Success

Posted by Chelsea Ricketson in Articles


We often think of highly successful people as being very analytical, very motivated, and who pay attention to the bottom line as well as the broader perspectives such as trends and advances in marketing technologies. We also know that there is a mix of emotion in there, after all, humans are not androids, and emotions are a natural element to everyone’s personality, including an entrepreneur. While some emotions prove beneficial to your growth as an entrepreneur, others do not. For example:

1)      Don’t rest on your laurels. Sure, you might have a million people applauding your products or services. They might all like your company on Facebook, or follow your Twitter account, many of them might even be recurring customers. And yet, you are most always likely to garner a few negative comments along the way. Yes, to be an entrepreneur you need skin as thick as iron, but don’t discount the negative comments just because you don’t want to hear them. One negative comment might represent 500, you don’t know. Consider what the person is complaining about and see if there is truly some way to improve your product or service based on their bad experience.

2)      Don’t assume you know what others are thinking. Again, because humans are swayed by emotion, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assigning certain emotions to people as a result of something you have done or said to them. As a leader, it’s more important for you to convey facts instead of trying to calculate in your head what your employees are thinking. Are they not giving the job their best? Let them know and let them handle it the way they will. When you put your own emotions into it (by assuming they are angry because of the news), you risk losing sight of your own goals.

3)      Look beyond what you’ve been led to believe. Perception is reality, and what we believe often shapes our perceptions. Think of all of the amazing technologies that wouldn’t exist if everyone always thought inside the box. There would be no cell phones, no computers, no internet, no cameras, you get the picture (so to speak). Fight against the urge to stay “on the path.” Instead, think of how you can make things bigger, better, more useful to your customers.

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