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For Sale By Owner Online Businesses

Posted by Mark Grossman in Articles

When it comes to creating a company and successfully building it, no one knows better than you. When it comes to selling your business, no one knows better than we do. It is very rarely in your best interest to represent yourself in a transaction. Usually the business you own represents your single largest asset, so you should let a group of professionals that have networks of people with experience in closing businesses. We’ve closed far more businesses than most brokerages, so you want us in your corner when issues arise during the due diligence and lending process. Why? Because issues always arise, and not having experienced professionals present can either cost you the deal, or significantly decrease the cash you receive at Closing. We’re here to help you maximize your cash at closing and oftentimes we are able to market your business to a larger group of buyers at a higher price than what you were expecting. What that means is that our commission will likely be paid by the difference, rather than straight out of your pocket.

Additionally, it can be very difficult to detach yourself and be factual when representing yourself. It will also be very hard for you to take a stance on the value of your company due to the fact that you are obviously biased in favor of that which you have built. As is an actor or an athlete, in cases where you are the beneficiary of proceeds, it is important to have an intermediary that represents your best interests. There is a reason why professionals like attorneys, CPAs, bankers and others won’t represent themselves on deals in their own profession. In most cases, business owners who are going it alone either overprice or underprice themselves, making it difficult to conclude a transaction.

Our company does just one thing: represent sellers of online businesses. With over 15 years experience selling online businesses, we are experts at what we do and we would like the opportunity to speak with you about our recent successes and the multiples we are seeing in this space. We know how to properly present online businesses for marketing to the right buyers, how to represent your company in front of lenders (especially SBA-preferred lenders) and how to get a deal closed as soon as possible. And we never charge for our services unless we sell your business.

Most importantly, we always tell you the pros and cons up front so as not to waste your time. Please give us the opportunity to speak with you about your business, including the road map we will take when selling your business. This discussion, and our services, will cost you nothing unless we perform and sell your business. And with a network like ours, we’re confident that there’s nobody better at representing sellers and maximizing acquisition value, than us. We will manage the marketing and sales process while you focus on what you do best, run your company. We will never tell you how to build your company but we will certainly tell you how best to sell it and maximize your return.