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Get Motivated for Success in 2016

Posted by Andy DeJaco in Articles


Becoming an entrepreneur is not something that someone just mindlessly chooses. Entrepreneurs are born, with drive in their heart and enthusiasm in their blood. It takes a special set of skills for someone to succeed against many odds, to conceive a business or invention, then to plan it, prototype it, market it and flourish. This type of business is not for everyone, and at, we want to encourage all of the veteran and budding entrepreneurs out there with ways to get motivated for success in 2016. Positive thinking is one of the many methods that entrepreneurs rely on to succeed. Below are some thoughts that successful people think daily:

  • Realize that life is filled with challenges. Nothing worth having is set down in your lap. Working hard for something means fully appreciating it and yourself.
  • Perfection doesn’t exist. Entrepreneurs who set out with what they think is the “perfect” plan are doomed to failure. Have a plan, but also be willing to modify it as time goes on to fit situations.
  • Keep negative thoughts at bay. Positive thoughts can have a remarkably strong influence on your actions and behaviors, but remember that negative thoughts can, too.
  • Your dream is your dream, and nobody else’s. So what if people think you’re nuts for your ideas, if you have a passion for it, go for it.
  • Realize that “someday” means never to most people. “Someday” I’ll start that business venture; “someday” I’ll strike it rich with my one-in-a-million invention. Make “someday” today.
  • Don’t think of mistakes as negative; think of them as learning opportunities for tomorrow’s hurdles.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day, so the saying goes. Neither will your business, so when starting a new project, take baby steps.
  • Remember that success comes from hard work and positive thoughts and energy. Nobody is born into success; success is quietly and slowly earned. is a website broker firm that handles both buyers and sellers of internet businesses. If you are an entrepreneur interested in buying a website, or need a website appraisal for your existing ecommerce business, contact these professional and experienced internet business brokers today.