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How Do You Sell A Website? Call in the Professionals

Posted by Eric Pittman in Articles


The life cycle of a website business often ends with the owner asking, “How do I sell my domain?” Selling a website, domain or technology company can be a task riddled with fears, questions and anxiety. Some owners choose to sell their digital business on their own. This might, at first, seem like a logical choice, but in the end, it often proves to be short-sighted and woefully unsuccessful. An experienced internet business broker such as can be the best thing to happen to your internet business once you ask yourself the question, “How do you sell a website?” And because of their vast pool of high profile buyers, they can often exceed by more than 30% the price an FSBO buyer is able to obtain. Add in their ability to traverse the SBA Bank financing world with relative ease and you have a website business broker that can not only sell a business quickly, but for a much higher purchase price and much more cash at the closing table. has over $60,000,000 in successfully sold websites, and that number grows each month. Why have they been so wildly successful? Simply put: the Internet and Technology Sectors are their playgrounds, having purchased, sold and started up numerous Internet companies themselves; they’ve been in an entrepreneur’s shoes when it comes time to think about an exit strategy. So, Sellers shouldn’t go it alone, they should contact experts that know how to buy, sell and operate web companies – especially one with a huge network of buyers and lenders.

For two decades now, the founders behind have been on both sides of the negotiating table, having owned, run and sold their own businesses. As a successful internet business broker, has amassed a long list of proven strategies that help every transaction flow smoothly, and puts the business owner in the driver’s seat. One of the biggest obstacles that business owners must overcome is the emotional aspect to selling their business. The saying “married to his work” expresses how some owners feel about a website that they may have started from a mere seedling and grown into a multi-million dollar company. That emotional connection can cloud judgment during negotiations and can ultimately hamper the owner’s most successful outcome. So, trusting to take over when the website business owner is ready to ask the question, “How do I sell my domain?” is the best option both emotionally and financially.