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How to Build a Startup that Will Stand the Test of Time

Posted by Gwen Sylvester in Articles


In the internet age, it seems everyone wants to build a startup. The trick is getting them to work, first of all, and then of course, getting them to last. It’s easy to be impulsive at the start of a business. The enthusiasm and fire is there, you can envision the end-result in your head and want nothing more than to just get there… However, it’s vitally important to slow down and actually make decisions that will not only impact you favorably now, but also five years from now.

  1. Timing is, indeed, everything, and starting a website business is no exception. What are potential customers talking about? What’s trending? How are businesses in the same industry performing right now? Is there a clear need in the market you want to enter? It’s tough to wait sometimes, but to avoid failing miserably, it’s also smart if you’re getting cues that the market just isn’t yet ready for your product or service.
  2. Write everything down. Yes, it can be time-consuming but it’s also best to document every aspect of your budding company whether it’s customers and operations, partnerships, etc. You’ll only bottleneck the entire operation if you keep all of the information in your head. Upon hiring new employees, they will need to know about the contracts; policies and processes so as soon as you start the business, also start recording everything.
  3. You get what you pay for! And when you’re starting a website business, that’s no exception. It might be tempting to work with the vendors, etc., that give you the most inexpensive quotes, but remember that that approach can come back to haunt you. Cutting expenses always means cutting quality in some way, and you don’t want to sacrifice your future customers’ happiness and satisfaction to save a couple bucks here and there.
  4. Keep track of every dollar spent. If this is beyond your skill set, hire a bookkeeper or a chief financial officer to do it for you. Future investors will need to see proof that your company is operable and ready for growth. Be able to give them this proof by keeping accurate financial records that might someday be reported to stakeholders.

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