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Introverted Entrepreneur? No Problem!

Posted by Madhur Dayal in Articles


How to Market Yourself When You’re a Loner

Although it might seem logical, being an extrovert is not one of the requirements of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Sure, it helps to be a people person, to exude a natural confidence and charisma, but introverted people can soar just as high when it comes to selling a website or any other venture they jump into. Ecommerce broker, explains some of the fundamentals of marketing for the introvert.

  • Essentially, the internet is a written word platform and not a speaking word platform. This is to the introverts benefit, as introverts handle the written word much better than the spoken word. Extroverts love to talk and are more likely to speak impulsively, while an introvert is more like a sponge that absorbs all of the thoughts, feelings and ideas around them and formulates a provocative and well-formed answer. Introverts can naturally take advantage of the many avenues of written word marketing that the internet has made possible. Some of these include blogs, emails, newsletters and websites. Even videos and podcasts are doable for the introvert because they can take their time to perfect the end result.
  • Introverts do much better one-on-one than they do in a group. Because of this, ecommerce broker, suggests that introverts who want to market themselves concentrate on how, when and where they can dive into passionate, relevant one-on-one conversation with someone in their chosen industry. Introverts are fabulous listeners, and good listeners have a way of developing deep personal connections, and in the marketing world, this means successful marketing. A one-on-one conversation is preferable to an introvert because other areas of marketing can seem egotistical and braggy, and an enriching conversation with another industry connection tempers that side-effect of marketing.
  • Although first and lasting impressions might seem utterly important, they really aren’t. The most important thing when it comes to marketing your product or service is the idea that it is helping to make people’s lives easier. No matter what impression you leave on a potential client or customer, as long as they know your product or service can help enrich their lives, they will likely be onboard. It’s normal for people (especially introverts) to worry about making a good personal impression. Instead, focus on your product or service and how it can help people save time, money or in some other way enrich their lives, and your personal impression won’t even be an issue.

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