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Inventory Management Tools You Can’t Forget for Selling on Amazon

Posted by David Lylis in Articles

Are you already an Amazon FBA seller? Are you just thinking about getting started? Or are you in the process of buying an Amazon FBA business from someone else? If you intend to buy an Amazon FBA business, it’s a good idea to choose an online business broker like those working at Website Closers to help you with the process.

You must have an organized inventory system to succeed on Amazon. Amazon ranks listings with which inventory is more appropriate at the front. Thankfully, plenty of e-commerce tools have emerged in the last couple of years to help you set up your inventory system and manage things smoothly.

All of these tools are crucial for streamlining your store and ensuring that you don’t run out of stock. Inventory issues can evolve over the course of owning your business. Examples could include a higher volume of order requests which requires more comprehensive strategies for fulfillment, equipment or depletion of your inventory and increased order volume that renders manual processes impossible.

Poor performance of these metrics could lead to your account being suspended by Amazon, so you can’t afford to make mistakes. Customers on Amazon have come to expect not just fast delivery but also 100% availability.

Missing one of these two crucial elements will send your prospective customers to another buyer. There are many different tools out there that can help you with establishing and growing your Amazon FBA business. If you are in the process of buying a business from an Amazon FBA seller, make sure that the due diligence process includes looking into the processes and inventory management systems they are already using.


Top Inventory Management Programs

What follows are some of the most common examples that are used by Amazon sellers. You’ll want to evaluate not just for the features provided but also for the ongoing costs associated with these. These include:

  • Sellics
  • Forecastly
  • RestockPro
  • Stitch Labs
  • Manage By Stats
  • SellerActive
  • Inventory Lab
  • Fish Bowl
  • Solid Commerce

Several of these emerge at the top because they have advanced features like optimizing your product listings based on thorough product research, competitor monitoring, and keyword rankings. You want to make sure that your inventory control is scalable, otherwise you could face problems that cannot be rectified quickly if your business grows very suddenly.

Being prepared for the possibility of this growth and also taking a long-range view to the fact that you’ll might want to sell this company some day in the future will make it easier for you to establish processes that are meaningful and effective for all of your business needs. Taking this long-term view is extremely beneficial for any would-be or current Amazon FBA seller.

At Website Closers, we’ve worked with many Amazon FBA sellers to help them prepare the company for sale. The closer you are to an optimized business, the easier it will be to get your business listed and available for sale with our vetted buyers.