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Not Sure Where to Sell an Internet Business? Can Help

Posted by Dave Micek in Articles


Placing a website business for sale can be tricky, time consuming, and in many cases, fraught with failure. Just like with anything you do in life, it’s always wiser to utilize those that are experts at a thing, rather than attempting to do it yourself. While you “think” you’re saving money, we can guarantee you in reality it’s the opposite – you’re losing money. Most of the time, if you take the difference between what a seller can get by selling her eCommerce company and/or Amazon Seller Central account on her own and what we can get, not only can we pay for our commission, but we can get far more at the closing table than that the person could have ever realized. We are experts at SBA financing, and we have a large network of investors, banks and private equity groups available to us when we have a business for sale. So, the first rule when attempting to sell your business – and that business is in the Technology / Internet Sector – use the best business brokers,

So, if you want to learn how to sell an Internet Company, some questions might be, where do you go to sell it, what value do you place on it and what do you propose as the selling price? What is the best multiple for your particular business? How could you possibly know the answers to these things if you don’t do it for a living – like we do? How can you know current trends, comparables, etc.? How will you reach out to private equity, banks and potentially other companies in your sector? And why would you want to? You are not the expert as selling your company – we are, trust us.  When you’re wondering where to sell an internet business and want the best possible exit strategy, turn to and let us do it all for you. For nearly two decades, this website broker has been selling all sorts of web properties including software companies, Amazon businesses, eBay businesses, eCommerce websites, businesses that sell on multiple platforms, as long as a whole host of Technology Companies. offers a free 24 hour business valuation and selling plan – in fact, no commission or payments of any kind are ever made until we perform and sell your business (and of course, you have to accept the offer, so everything is always on your terms, not ours).  Simply fill out the form on our website to receive your free consultation, or give us a call! We have a live human being standing by during regular business hours – isn’t it easier to talk to humans, than machines? Our proven strategies and techniques have brought the owners of website businesses the maximum possible profits, along with the maximum cash at the table at closing. As the best website business broker in the technology and internet space, they know how to connect sale side clients with exactly the right buyers to ensure a quick sale while taking into account the multiple issues and obstacles that surround every business deal.

If you’re wondering where to sell an internet business, trust During the deal process, this website broker considers all of the ‘moving parts’ such as Asset Purchase Agreement vs. a Stock Sale, consulting agreements, non-competes that actually work, financing, due diligence, various contingencies, assignment of leases, assumption of liabilities and maximizing inventory. Putting up a website business for sale no longer needs to be an angst-ridden issue.  The experts at are truly adept at creating the best possible outcome for virtually any type of web property.