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Operations for Website Buyers

Posted by Scott Reid in Articles

Today’s segment is going to be on the ins and outs of Website Operations. One of the key differences between other business brokers and Website Closers is that we are owned and operated by Internet Entrepreneurs, eCommerce owners and operators. That means that we know all details of site operations because we live them every day. These operations include Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Inbound & Outbound marketing, Content and Inventory Management Systems, Amazon Seller Central, Sears, eBay, Rakuten and other marketplaces, data feed management, search algorithms, and many other aspects of daily life associated with eCommerce operations.

For many interested in getting into eCommerce, it can be a daunting task. Many buyers have worked in a particular industry for many years and would either like to pick up a website as a side business, or perhaps dive deep into a large website and leave their current job behind. In either case, if a person has not been involved in site operations, there’s nothing to be concerned about. First, a website seller is going to include ample training time on the key aspects of site ops, including how to enter products into the Content Management System, how to manage inventory, how to make changes to the front end, etc. And second, many times, the sellers of these sites themselves are not programmers (over 95% of them), so they utilize outside development teams for larges changes when they are necessary. Other outside sources they may look to are SEM/SMO operators, Content Developers for Blogs and Articles, PPC Managers, and more.

Additionally, as we walk the buyers, sellers and lenders (banks) through the process, as professionals already in the Internet Sector, we can answer questions that few other brokers can answer. For instance, what is our take on using the Magento platform compared to, say, Shopify or Big Commerce. What are the advantages to particular site layouts and a basic analysis of a site. Does it utilize a responsive theme, will it need to be updated soon, has it been hit with algorithm updates, etc. All of these questions will come up during the acquisition process and Website Closers is the very best brokerage to help answer the tough questions that sometimes go unanswered by brokers without knowledge of this industry or by opposing parties.

If you are interested in selling or buying a website, then Website Closers is the go-to Website Brokerage. We have closed over $30 Million in deals to date, and we are quickly becoming the standard in this business.