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Podcasts to Listen to for Amazon Sellers

Posted by Randy Rinon in Articles

If you are interested in leveraging your Amazon business and growing your business on Amazon FBA, one of the easiest ways to do so is to incorporate education into your daily life. Tuning in to a podcast can give you some quick ideas about what’s working for other people.

Perhaps you’re already swamped with keeping track of your inventory, making sure that you’re staying on top of your Amazon FBA game and dealing with the ins and outs of running a daily business. But one way to maximize and leverage your time is by listening to podcasts.

You can listen to podcasts while commuting, while carrying out your grocery shopping at the store, at the gym or during long walks that you take. You can even listen to Amazon FBA seller podcasts while you’re doing chores around the home. Listeners can catch up on shows that are easily downloadable via podcast format and stay on top of their business.

This is an excellent way as an Amazon seller to stay in the know about additional information and updates in the Amazon FBA seller world. There are a number of different types of podcasts that may be appropriate for an Amazon FBA seller and here are some you should certainly keep an eye out.

These include:

  • The Amazon Seller: These two multi-million-dollar private label sellers are talking about advance selling strategies, so this podcast might be most appropriate for you if you’re not especially new to the Amazon FBA game and are looking for ways to turn up the heat and leverage your business for more profit. You can review the various topics available on this Amazon seller show by taking a look at their recent postings.
  • FBA All-Stars: This podcast is also referred to as the step one to seven figures. You can review this to see how the host, Matt, grew his company to making a million dollars a year. He discusses both his successes as well as his pitfalls along the way and he incorporates interviews with various guests who can target important topics about what it really means to be successful on Amazon and how to continue growing.
  • AMZ Profit Pros Podcast: The primary aspect and focus of this particular podcast is driving traffic to your products and how to convert this into long term buyers and grow your Amazon business successfully.
  • FBA Podcast: Existing FBA sellers who are currently struggling with their selling tactics or someone who is brand new to the world of fulfillment by Amazon will benefit from listening to this podcast. Real life scenarios in a number of different topics are considered.
  • Ask Jordan Podcast: Jordan, the host of this show, assists those operating online businesses to enhance their revenues using different tactics. He covers a variety of different topics and has many different episodes to choose from, which can be perfect if you are looking for a specific topic to grow your business and need something to listen to during the short term.