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Raise Your Awareness and Boost Your Success with These Questions

Posted by Remy Belanger in Articles

Most people wander through life aimlessly, not sure of where they’re heading, or where they should even go next. The road to success, both personally and professionally, is paved with awareness, of living in the present, and being mindful of how you can grab hold of present day opportunities. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, success also takes time, and what better day than today to start on that journey. Ask yourself:

  • What is it you’re thinking about? Because thoughts turn into feelings, which then turn into behaviors. What you’re thinking determines how you will respond to various stimuli in your environment. If you think negatively, regardless of whether or not you should be (that client is calling me back because he’s upset with the product) for example, might hold a different reason altogether. Don’t make assumptions in your thoughts, give people the benefit of the doubt and find a reason to veer your thoughts into the positive direction.
  • Are you focused on what you want? Focus, like a laser, is a gathering of energy that pinpoints one specific goal or purpose. It’s different from what you’ve been thinking about and how you interpret other’s actions, focus is where you want to ultimately be. Instead of focusing on things that you don’t want in your life, focus on what you do, and see how this alignment in energy shifts your propensity for success.
  • What is it you want out of life? By determining the answer to this question, you bring clarity into your life and start the process of making determined choices. Why do you want what you want? Once those questions are answered, it’s easier to see the path ahead, and how to go about getting to the success you see on the horizon.

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