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Ready to Transfer Your Amazon Account? Make Sure You Review These Mistakes First

Posted by Chelsea Ricketson in Articles

After preparing to sell your Amazon business and officially transfer your account, there are three mistakes that you should be aware of. Running an Amazon seller account requires adhering to all of the seller performance matrix that Amazon considers and understanding how these influence the overall value of your company.

Give a Good Picture of Work Put In Before Transferring an Amazon Account

Anyone who has recently purchased an Amazon account must also be clear about exactly what behaviors are required to ensure that these performance matrix that made the business so appealing to purchase, remain strong. Transferring an Amazon account post sale will be much easier when you’ve presented a solid case already.

A strong performance in and of itself is unlikely to convince someone; when selling your Amazon business, get ready to provide a clear overview of what’s been involved in your work up to this point in a brief overview, but do a deeper dive about the ongoing activities that must take place to continue generating revenue.

Will Training Help with Selling Your Amazon Business?

The seller of an Amazon account should provide, in an ideal situation, one week of personalized training, explaining the very clear business specifics that influence these matrix. This is because transferring an Amazon account comes with the same situation as establishing a brand-new seller account, because Amazon does not provide any clear training immediately.

The second mistake that you can make when getting ready to transfer an Amazon account is not being able to appropriately show to perspective buyers where the opportunities to grow and improve are within the business. There is increased competition every single year, so an Amazon seller must expect to work harder to keep the same margins in their business.

Without an appropriate growth plan, a new buyer of an Amazon seller account may become frustrated and overwhelmed. This is why when transferring an Amazon account, that initial week of training is so beneficial. The final mistake that can be made when getting ready to transferring an Amazon account is considering the tax position.

What You Should Know About Taxes Before Transferring an Amazon Seller Account

The tax situation can very well change with a new owner after transferring an Amazon account, meaning that a new owner is exposed to unremitted or uncollected sales taxes. It is very critical that any documents associated with the transfer of the Amazon account explain updates to the sales tax situation so that the new person taking over the company can avoid an unfortunate sales tax situation and so that he or she can be prepared to hit the ground running.

How to Keep an Open Mind Before Transferring an Amazon Seller Account

When transferring an Amazon account, it is necessary to consider all of the relevant factors involved in selling an Amazon business. Sitting down with an experienced online business broker is strongly recommended. Selling an Amazon business doesn’t have to be difficult but transferring your Amazon account can come with some risks if you are not clear of how to proceed most appropriately.

Scheduling a consultation with an online business broker can help you avoid many of the most common errors made by people thinking about transferring an Amazon account.