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Rely on a Qualified Website Broker for an Accurate Ecommerce Business Valuation

Posted by Paul Vartanian in Articles


Rely on a Qualified Website Broker for an Accurate Ecommerce Business Valuation

The first thing that comes to the mind when selling an online business is obtaining an accurate ecommerce business valuation. Though you can make use of one of the many free online website valuation calculators, but, to be honest, these are very simple, and don’t take into account every aspect needed for exact valuation. An online calculator only uses figures given by Alexa Rank to estimate the number of visitors and page views.

So, if you are done with your idea of using online calculators, it’s time to hire a real business broker. An online business broker works every day in the industry of selling online businesses, and has acquired, over time, the knowledge and wisdom behind what really counts toward an ecommerce business valuation. An experienced broker considers various things such as the website niche, the seasonality of the products/services that are offered, and of course, sales, to find the value of the business, which are often left by online calculators. It takes a seasoned website broker to determine the most accurate ecommerce business valuation, and that will serve as the best platform for when the site actually goes up for sale on the marketplace. is not only one of the most qualified website brokers around, they are also one of the most experienced. With 20 years of industry know-how behind them, they have encountered every hurdle, every nuance, every obstacle that goes along with selling all types of digital assets. They offer their clients a free ecommerce website valuation along with a free consultation, so you can see first-hand where you stand and when you should enter the marketplace with your site for sale. If you have any questions about obtaining an ecommerce website valuation, contact them at 800-251-1559 today.