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Selling a Website in 2015

Posted by Eric Pittman in Articles

Today’s segment is going to target How to Sell a Website in 2015. Technology and Web Companies are much different than your standard “bricks and mortar” business, even more so in 2015. This is why it’s critical that business owners hire a business brokerage that specializes in the digital space and understands the segment. That’s where comes in. We focus on Technology & Internet Companies and have a large network of deal professionals that also operate in this space. By focusing in this space, we are well-prepared to assist with moving a website at top dollar and as quickly as possible. Some of our websites are so interesting to certain of our buyer pools that we have received offers within 24 hours. So how do you sell a website in 2015 – it’s best to talk to us about our processes and receive a free consultation and valuation. We will work with you to create an exit strategy that best fits both your and your company’s strategic goals.

The key value propositions that we provide to Website Owners are as follows:

1. We focus only on Technology & Internet Companies – we don’t try to sell every type of company on the market – just the ones we know best. Using an industry-specific broker is the best way to ensure you’ve got a focused, highly connected broker on your side that understands your business.

2. We work directly with Private Equity, Wealthy Investors, Banks and Venture Groups, so those groups, in addition to our VIP buyer pools, means that we are dialed in to most of the buyers that would have an interest in your company. This makes the process cleaner since we are able to focus on high quality buyers.

3. We know this industry well. We also own and operate Internet Companies, so we know them from the inside out. We live your day just like you do, so who better to help market your business to buyers, investors and banks than somebody who is also a Website owner and operator? – we know of no other business broker that can offer this level of expertise, which is why Business Owners have so much faith in our process and we continue to see astronomical growth at Website Closers.

4. We are a 100% success-based firm. Working with us is free until we sell your business. We don’t take any upfront fees or ask that our expenses be paid. We simply take a percentage of the sale, which means that it costs nothing to receive our consultation, let us help you build an exit strategy and put a market valuation on the business.

5. We are professional. Even though this is of course expected, if you’ve ever tried to buy or sell a business before, you know why I use this as a value proposition. So many brokers take days to get back to emails or calls and rarely listen to your goals and needs. Most of those brokers are unable to get the deal closed to begin with. We return calls and emails within minutes – not days. We have a fully trained staff of professionals that are available to help at a moment’s notice. And we close 95% of all our deals, most at the highest possible multiples in the industry.

Once you have made the decision to use our services, we will work with you to create a data room of information to share with potential buyers. This includes a staging file for confidentiality agreements, a prospectus or deal book, financial information, and more. Everything we do is digital and everything on each deal is stored electronically in a secure location.

Hopefully this helps you better understand how to sell a website in 2015 and what value proposition Website Closers can offer as assistance to getting your company sold quickly and at top dollar.