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So You Think you’re ready to Transition into the Internet Sector?

Posted by Ron Matheson in Articles

The internet is no longer an infant. As a society, we’ve moved passed the internet boom and subsequent bust and investing in the internet sector is no longer like hoping to roll a seven at a Las Vegas casino. The internet has a much better, more secure infrastructure, and perhaps just as important is the fact that many more people (a huge portion of the earth’s population) have access to the internet.

When people think about moving into the internet sector, they think about running an eCommerce storefront. While it’s true that eCommerce storefronts represent the majority of internet companies, they really are just one viable option. Other companies exist that operate on eBay,, while doing very little business on their actual website portals. A trusted and professional eCommerce business broker can help you determine which route you want to take because they have years of experience in selling internet businesses.

Amazon versus Ecommerce

There are pros and cons to the different portals a site can leverage their company on, and Amazon is one of the best with which to align. As an internet superstar, commands incredible respect by customers along with huge traffic. However, operating a business on does come at a price. They charge a commission for selling on their site which may or may not be in your best interest.

An eCommerce site, however, requires no commission payout but it does require a means to gain traffic and bring in paying customers. This means concerning yourself with SEO techniques and possibly outsourcing SEO to appropriate companies, PPC campaigns, email campaigns, programmatic marketing and more.

Fortunately, many sites do very well when they operate across multiple channels, which may in fact, be the optimal way for you to go. However, to know for sure, it’s best to consult a professional and highly-experienced website broker to talk to you about the nuances of each, and to clarify other variables like:

  • Do you need an immediate cash flow or are you able to put a salary on the backburner?
  • Which markets suit you and your lifestyle, personality, and budget best?
  • What are the current market trends and how might they gain momentum or slow in the near future?
  • Which markets are especially competitive, and which are not?

When you find yourself ready to transition into the internet sector, select a top-notch eCommerce business broker to help you determine which route is the best for you.