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Technology Business Brokers

Posted by Izach Porter in Articles

Technology Business Brokers has quickly become the go-to, market leader in the Business Broker world for both small businesses and Mid-Market companies in the Internet / Technology Space. But what is “technology” or “Internet” really mean when it comes to what we do? Those broad categories, “Technology” and “Internet”, are specialized spaces that are far different than your run-of-the-mill bricks and mortar business. They include software companies, digital marketing firms, eCommerce companies, Internet-based service businesses, websites that generate revenue via advertising (e.g., Google AdSense), Application Developers, Website Design and Development  firms, Flash Sale sites, eCommerce distribution companies, Amazon Seller Central Accounts, and so much more.

We chose the “digital space” because we have a great deal of experience with it – and our experience isn’t just in representing buyers and sellers of website properties, it goes far beyond that. Our founders operate a private equity group with a portfolio of companies that operate in the digital space. Our founders have experience doing everything an online retailer does, including running content and inventory management systems; API integration with marketplaces like; designing and maintaining websites, working with hundreds of vendors, SEM management, managing eCommerce employees, etc. Again, anything an online retailer has done – we’ve done – so that puts us in a unique position as Business Brokers to represent Technology and Internet companies not only professionally, but with the kind of experience that no other brokerage can provide.

But don’t take our word for it – when you’re searching for the very best broker to sell your business, ask the other brokers what experience they have running digital companies – find out how many feed files they’ve integrated into various marketplaces – or how many products they’ve entered into a CMS. Better yet, have them explain to you how to properly bid on a keyword via Google AdWords. Chances are, they’d have to make some calls and “get back to you”. But not the team at – ask us anything you like, and we’ll not only be able to talk your speed, but also take the concept of your business to buyers and underwriting teams without any learning curve.

There are many brokerages and M&A firms found via a standard online search that tout themselves as Technology Brokers. Before you call us – we advise you to give them a call. Because once you call us, you’ll never make another call. We’re that confident. And here’s a few questions we think you should ask these other brokers to ensure they have what it takes to sell your company:

  1. How many eCommerce or Amazon companies have you sold in the past twelve months?
  2. What did those companies sell for – what was the final sales price and how much of that sales price was provided at the closing table?
  3. How do you put a value on a website – what is a website or Amazon Seller Central account worth?
  4. Do buyers or banks see a difference between an Amazon Company, an Ecommerce company or any other Software or Application company as it relates to valuation?
  5. What sources do you use to sell your clients’ companies – do you just post on various websites, or do you actively go out to locate and vet buyers (current businesses and private equity groups) that operate in this space?
  6. How many SBA deals have you done in the past twelve months?
  7. How many references can you give me from the past twelve months of sales?
  8. What other resources, consulting and assistance can you provide beyond just attempting to sell my business – for instance, do you have close working and active relationships with Preferred SBA Lenders, Accountants, Tax Professionals, Law Firms, Due Diligence Experts and Closing Attorneys?
  9. Will you help me with an exit strategy, including connecting me with and working alongside professionals that can help me with post-acquisition tax planning?
  10. Have you ever operated a website?

Pretty simple questions, really, and after you’ve had discussions with our competition, please give us a call. We’ll answer all your questions and help you begin to foment your exit strategy. And how much will we make off of consultation, valuations, exit strategy development, developing pitch decks and financials, marketing and selling your company? Nothing – not a penny – unless we sell your business. And that’s the way it should be – you expect performance – and we don’t deserve any consideration until you’ve been paid.

We look forward to working with you.