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Technology Experts as Intermediary Brokers

Posted by Remy Belanger in Articles

Being a business broker is simple – in many states you don’t even need a license. BUT, being a GREAT business broker with proven success in closing large transactions is a whole different ball game. Being a great business broker takes finesse, experience, patience, persistence, a large network of deal makers (like due diligence experts, attorneys, accountants, etc.), and banks that are willing to work with your brokerage due to a low non-fail rate. That’s right, banks keep track of the deals that business brokers send for underwriting because they want to discontinue working with any broker that is sending them bad deals (deals that fail after they have been funded).

At Website Closers, our brokers are the best in the business. Banks are lining up to work with us, and not just because we have a proven track record of packaging strong businesses for underwriting (less than a 1% fail rate!), but just as important, our brokerage focuses on the technology sector. We focus on the representation of Buyers and Sellers of Internet Companies (eCommerce, Services, Flash Sales, Daily Deals, etc.), Tech Companies (software, applications, proprietary algorithm development, etc.) and Marketing Firms (Digital Advertising, SEM and PPC Managers, Programmatic Marketing Companies, etc.). Through this representation, we have developed a team of Intermediaries that are not only GREAT business brokers, but more importantly, they act as a link between Buyers, Sellers and Banks in order to bring about a deal closing – and we do this with a focus on the Technology Sector.

Why do we focus on Technology M&A? Because technology is where we have our roots. Our founders are eCommerce professionals that understand the daily operational needs of a web company – in fact, our founders continue to operate mid-market level Internet companies in the eCommerce space not only for themselves, but also for other companies – as Website Operators. With all of this experience as internet operators and internet brokers, it is hard to find any other brokerage in America that can offer the kind of Intermediary work that we do. From understanding the operational needs of a Seller as we work with her to create an exit strategy that works best for her, to working with potential Buyers to understand their ability to not only acquire the target company, but also to run it after the sale (thus our extremely low failure rate with lending institutions), our brokerage is set up to maximize our client’s Sale Price and Success Rate.

And beyond this, we can also talk to underwriters and others within the Private Equity and Banking world to educate them on the nuances of the Technology Companies we represent. Like with anything else, using an expert to represent your interests in front of others is always better than risking it with an unproven or otherwise less proficient brokerage. You want and need a broker that can talk the talk, walk the walk and get your business closed on your terms – not on the brokerage’s terms. We do not sell companies based on our brokerage’s needs – we sell them based on our client’s needs. That’s why we never charge anything upfront – no deposits or upfront expense requests of any kind. Either we perform, or we don’t get paid – it’s just that simple. We do this because we know it should be the standard in this industry (and it isn’t) and because we have a massive list of buyers just waiting in line for us to feed them deals – so we tend to be confident about our ability for everybody to get paid.

You need to work with the best in the Technology Sector – you need to work with