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Want to Be More Productive? Follow these Tips

Posted by Megan Gunsorek in Articles


Productivity isn’t something we are born with – it isn’t necessarily genetic, and sometimes, it’s not even something we can learn. Being productive, for most of us is an uphill battle every single day, and it’s one that can, in fact, get easier if we put a little brain power behind it. The key though (like with everything) is to be consistent. You aren’t going to turn from a somewhat sluggish, semi-productive individual to an outstandingly productive person overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will be your productive mind. The problem with being productive is that we tend to tell ourselves that we can be more productive than is actually true. Our morning brain screams at us to be productive, and at the end of the day, if we haven’t accomplished that, we feel stressed and actually become less productive on day two. Remember these tips:

1)      You have two brains. No, you’re not living in a Steve Martin movie! Your brain plays tricks on you every day. It takes into account your past and your beliefs, and tells you things that aren’t necessarily true. The trick to being productive is to stop listening to the part of your brain that is trying to tricking you into believing you can accomplish more than is humanly possible. Pick three things you truly know you can accomplish that day and be happy with it. Otherwise, if you fail at accomplishing everything you thought you could, you run the risk of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and grossly unproductive.

2)      Say no once in a while. We are all; most of us anyway, people pleasers. We hesitate saying no to colleagues and associates because we fear that we will either disappoint them or look incompetent. If you truly know that you cannot bring one more thing onto your plate, learn to say no. It will actually make you more productive and less stressed.

3)      Schedule time for distractions. Life is filled with them! Instead of rigidly scheduling your day with work, carve out room for various medical appointments, possible emergencies with parents or children, and even unexpected meetings. When you feel less stressed, you will be more productive.

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