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Want to Make a Profit with Your Website Sale? Choose the Best Internet Business Broker

Posted by Megan Gunsorek in Articles


There are thousands upon thousands of ecommerce sites and web properties. When it comes to selling them, there are a couple of options the seller can consider. The first is to sell the website on their own without going through an ecommerce broker. But the truth is, this avenue should barely even be considered an option. Only 1% of FiSBO sales are successful, and even though it might seem like a good idea at the time, to cut out the internet business broker and go it alone, it rarely, if ever, is.

Brokers for ecommerce business like have the experience, skill, financial relationships and knowledge necessary to take any type of web property that is for sale and find the exact right buyers for it. They know how to do this because they have 20 years of experience in the industry, buying, owning, running and selling their own websites, not to mention the $50,000,000 in successful website sales to date under their belts.

A seller who is trying to sell their website on their own is similar to when people have a garage sale. Just like the people having the garage sale, there is no way for the seller to attract the right buyers, and if it happens, it’s purely by chance. What happens most of the time is that people come around who might be interested, but aren’t really sure themselves, and tend to simply waste everybody’s time. In the industry, these people are called Tire Kickers. Or, people come around who are scouring the garage site for any possible item of value (like an old vase whose true value is unknown) to try and reap information to start their own similar business, these people are called Confidential Information Trolls. is an internet business broker who knows precisely how to filter through the Tire Kickers and the Confidential Information Trolls to find the true, real, qualified buyers who are ready to buy the web property, and better yet, who have the financial backing to do so. When it comes to finding the best brokers for ecommerce business, trust, they have more experience than anyone in the industry, and a proven track record with a long list of positive testimonials.