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Website Closers Case Studies: Highlighting Our Success

Posted by Richard Roberts in Articles

Some of our greatest achievements, side from our recent distinction as an Inc. 5000 company, is the feedback that we receive from the people we help list their companies for sale. At Website Closers we recognize that every business owner comes to us at a different stage and having made different decisions about why and when to sell their company. We have several different case study examples listed below, highlighting our recent success.

Multiple Amazon Account Worldwide Transfer

Recently we assisted numerous parties on a transaction with a transfer of multiple Amazon accounts all over the world. This company had operations in Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. While we have companies that are selling on every Amazon platform available across the globe, the transfer for each of these platforms is quite different and we were assisting the private equity group and the group investors to understand and become comfortable with the transfer process. More than 10 attorneys were involved in this sale and in the end, this sale was successful.

SAAS Company Sale

We were recently in negotiations with a small family office regarding the valuation of a SAAS company we were representing. The other parties wanted to use a standard multiple of TTM earnings, but we fought this valuation methodology based on the fact that the strength of a recurring revenue in the business was high in terms of LTV and churn matrix and retention and the fact that there was very little confrontation among clients.

Furthermore, the growth was 300% year over year with another 200% projected for the balance of the next year. As a result of this, we were able to use a discounted cash flow model and raised the multiple from 5x up to 8x.

Non-Competes and Other Complicated Facets of Sale

In a recent dealing in which we were assisting a seller, the attorney for the buyer was concerned about how the non-compete would be structured for a consumer products retailer that was being sold. When the seller had a second large company in an adjacent category, we sat down with everyone involved and arrived at a workable solution that made everyone happy with the cross-selling agreements, carve outs, and other contractual agreements.

Portfolio Holding Company

We recently advised a big portfolio holding company about the appropriate way to manage the sale of a few brands inside the portfolio. This was a very complicated matter given that tax returns had been consolidated, that all the products were selling through one Amazon account, and that they were shared services and co-mingling of funds. It took us several months to put together an appropriate exit strategy, but we executed on this and closed nearly four months after we lodged. Consulting business owners is a huge part of what we do at Website Closers and one of the reasons why our deals close more often and more successfully than with other business brokers.

We know that our past client experiences are some of our greatest accomplishments- talk to us today to learn more about how we navigate unique situations to help you list your company for sale.