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Websites For Sale By Owner – Let Help

Posted by Ron Matheson in Videos

See below for the transcription of: Websites For Sale By Owner – Let Help

Speaker: Ron Matheson, Senior VP, Website Closers

“Hi my name is Ron Matheson. I’m a senior Vice President with We’re a boutique brokerage that represents savvy entrepreneurial sellers of online companies and today we are going to talk about For Sale by Owner. Now, when you think about it, you’re about to sell what’s likely the single biggest asset that you own. By the time you are done, you’re going to deal with buyers, accountants, attorneys and banks, and every step of the way you better know answers because there’s going to be tons of problems that are going to come up. There’s no deal that’s seamless, and there’s no due diligence that does not have problems. A good broker knows how to guide the process from beginning to end.

Now, we’ve owned, bought, sold, and operated businesses, specifically online businesses, for the last 15 years and nobody knows better than we do about the process. It’s a market value that dictates what you’re going to get in the end. It’s somewhere from low to high, but what we do is we’re going to make sure that by the time we’re done we’re going to guide you to the higher end of that market value. Now also, if you think about it, does an actor, an athlete, [or] an attorney represent themselves? The answer is no. The reason why? They can’t defend their positions, they can’t maximize what they are about to get. What we do is we step in the middle as an intermediary and we basically guide the process from beginning to end to make sure when things go wrong, which they will go wrong, we’re going to fix them [and] we’re going to get you to the finish line. Now, once again, it’s likely the single biggest asset you own. You spent all this time building it and growing it and nobody knows better than you do, and nobody knows better than we do when it comes time to sell. So I hope this helps a little bit to understand the process, and for more information on selling your company go to website closers at and thank you for listening.”