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What Amazon FBA Sellers Need to Know About Facebook And Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Andy DeJaco in Articles

Do you think Facebook will play a role in the management of your company in the future? For Amazon FBA sellers, you can’t afford not to pay attention to the developments coming out of the company in relation to artificial intelligence.

Amazon FBA sellers who intend to stay on the cutting edge, whether for their own purposes of growing the business or for selling it, always have to have an eye towards possible risks and technological changes.

Understanding Facebook’s Moves in the AI Space

The fine-tuning of further artificial intelligence or Facebook could have ramifications for Amazon FBA sellers. Even if you are currently active as an Amazon FBA seller and intend to keep your business for a long period of time, you should be aware of how Facebook AI could influence your company. Understanding further technological developments can also be important if you intend to sell your Amazon FBA business with the help of an online business broker.

Facebook shares still have not recovered from the loss of more than $100 billion following their last earnings report. However, Facebook is considering using their massive data collection about user preferences to anticipate products that consumers could want before consumers are even aware of it.

This could have ramifications for Amazon FBA sellers since Facebook might choose to work with retailers about predictive shipping. The artificial intelligence algorithms developed by Facebook to date might be used to monetize and classify as many as 52,000 traits of Facebook’s users.

Despite the fact that the social media giant has had a challenging quarter from shrinking margins and data privacy scandals, analysts and investors are calling for the company to develop further insights about their most powerful material; the data they have collected from users. The current Facebook business model is based on renting advertising through user intelligence.

Some experts in the field claim that Facebook already has algorithms in place that track what people watch, like and click on and then collect this information and pass it on to Facebook advertisers. In 2017, Facebook had more than 150 people working in their AI department and has admitted to tracking more than 52,000 unique attributes to classify different users. Their three most recent AI algorithms are called Deep Face, FB Learner Flow, and Deep Text.

These analyze vast quantities of information.

Deep Face is a program that is used to identify people in photos. The facial recognition program is almost 97% accurate. Those concerned about user privacy are most interested in FB Learner Flow, since it can target people based on the kinds of decisions that have not yet made using predictive analytics.

Since Facebook has been so successful in monetizing AI for precision advertising, predictive shipping could be on the horizon and this could have implications for Amazon FBA sellers who are currently active in the marketplace or who have yet to purchase an Amazon FBA business from an established seller. If you are thinking about letting go of your business as an Amazon FBA seller, you need the support of an online business broker.