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What Are the Biggest E-Commerce Trends In 2019?

Posted by Izach Porter in Articles

As an e-commerce seller, you have a responsibility to stay ahead of the curve and to be mindful of what could potentially be coming down the pipe as it relates to e-commerce. Staying on the cutting edge and continuing to develop and refine your e-commerce strategy could help you to accomplish your goals and position your company as effectively as possible, should you decide to sell it in the future.

It can be overwhelming to stay up to date about all of the constantly evolving consumer expectations, especially given that there are numerous trends to pay attention to, like the reasons for abandonment of carts, where people choose to shop, different actions that could be taken to qualify for free shipping, and many more.

Some of the most important trends for e-commerce in 2019 could assist you with tweaking your current tactics and strategies to get the most out of your online business sales. These include:

  • Marketing trends, such as using content and commerce as a way for brands to build community and drive acquisition and loyalty.
  • Customer experience trends, such as the facts that many consumers are looking for the opportunity to have an emotional connection with the brands they have chosen to partner with.
  • The importance of social media, including image based Instagram advertising which is where consumers tend to discover aspirational and ideal brands to partner with.
  • Content and personalization. Content story telling is expected to make a resurgence back on a scene and reliance on YouTube is another quick coming trend down the pike.

Competing with Amazon In 2019

Although Amazon is still the biggest e-commerce retailer out there, there are several different things you can do if you have your own niche site or intend to develop your own e-commerce strategy. These include:

  • Make your brand stand out, especially in a competitive niche.
  • Focus on the customer service that only you can deliver and the service that helps to build relationships.
  • Leverage your time and resources as effectively as possible by focusing on automation and removing yourself from the busy work of operating your business day to day.
  • Never focus on just one channel, so that you can dive deeper than the surface level and offer a thorough perspective on how to enhance and tweak your company in the coming months.

All of these tips will help you with figuring the most effective way to stay competitive and fully leverage on Amazon and other e-commerce venues in 2019 and beyond. Considering all of your options will also be instrumental in helping you to get a fair payment for your company should you choose to list it for sale in the future.

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