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What You Need to Know About Having Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

Posted by Izach Porter in Articles

Whether you are just getting started or evaluating whether or not it’s the right thing for you, starting your own Amazon FBA business can be a little bit confusing or overwhelming.

Avoid Being Banned without Permission for Multiple Accounts

If your only account gets suspended or banned, this could destroy the very foundation of your online business and discontinue your revenue flow. So, this leads many people to ask the question, “what if I had a second Amazon seller account?” Opening a second Amazon seller account is not an option for you if you are using seller’s central.

The prohibited seller activities as outlined by Amazon state that this practice is not allowed unless there is an exception for you to truly need a separate account. If you do have a legitimate business need for a second Amazon FBA seller account, you can request an exception to this policy.

You’ll need to contact seller support directly from any page in your seller account and then select other account issues. Legitimately, it can be difficult to quantify. What if your reason is just that you want to reduce your suspension risk or diversify your Amazon business? You need to identify whether or not you fit into the eligibility requirements for Amazon’s accounts.

Legitimate Reasons to Request Multiple Seller Accounts

Amazon has clear directions listed as explaining why you might be able to obtain a second account. These include:

•          Intention to sell in new and different categories.

•          The inventory that is sold in each account is distinct.

•          Your account is already in good standing with good customer service matrix.

•          You will have a separate bank account and email address for your new account.

•          You have no intention to sell the same services or products in both accounts.

Ultimately, making choices for your business requires careful consideration. Never open multiple Amazon seller accounts without prior approval since you could get all of your Amazon accounts shut down. The may keep your revenue on hold, indefinitely. So, someone who relies entirely on Amazon can suffer significantly.

If you are eligible to show that you have a legitimate need for a second Amazon seller account, you will have multiple revenue sources coming in, such that if one gets suspended or banned you have other options. Sellers get caught daily for creating multiple accounts without approval and it is most important to keep things separated in order to show that you have a legitimate need for these distinct businesses.

Scheduling a consultation with our online business brokers is a step that many people consider after establishing a successful Amazon FBA seller business and launching a company.

Once you have accomplished your individual goals in your Amazon FBA seller business, you may be thinking about selling the company and passing it on to a new owner in order to reap the rewards of all your hard work. An Amazon FBA business broker can help you.