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What Your Business Broker Should Know About Your Industry

Posted by Randy Rinon in Resources

Having a team of advisors at your side as you list your company for sale is an important first step towards minimizing the many questions and challenges that you may encounter in the process of selling the business you have worked so hard to build. Having this team of professionals in your corner also means that you have knowledgeable experts who can step up in the event that deal negotiations begin to break down. So this makes it all the more important to do your research before you first work with a business broker to decide who is the right person to partner with you for what could potentially be a long relationship. Ideally your business broker will have a breadth of experience in your individual industry and in helping people sell companies altogether. So there are some important questions you need to ask before you even partner up and begin working together. Sellers and business brokers can work together to identify the mergers and acquisitions that are currently happening inside a particular industry. For example, a business broker might think more broadly about how industry activity and company valuations are trending, whereas a seller might have deep insight into what is happening within their industry that cannot readily be found in any database or outright study.

Through a strong network of financial and other contacts, business brokers understand what buyers are looking for as political climates and market conditions change. Since it could be a non-ideal strategy to attempt to sell an otherwise good business at a bad time, brokers can help you identify your sales goals and objectives at the outset to maximize valuation for your specific circumstances.

Remember that when selecting a business broker to help you with this important process, you need to be patient and stay focused. The first business broker you speak to might not be the right one to help you close the deal. Remember that as the sale process progresses in your own world, it will be many different things to keep in mind. Your calendar, for example, might become cluttered with phone calls and meetings in addition to email requests for documents and this means that a seller’s traditional focus on running the company effectively can easily become divided.

This is one leading reason to find a business broker to work with at the outset of the relationship. Selling a business while still working in a primary role in the company can be very disruptive to operations and could even jeopardize the transfer of the business.

Failing to minimize this disruption by thinking about it at the outset with your knowledgeable business broker could harm the potential transaction and the future of the business. Rely on your team of professional advisors and a qualified business broker to help you make this transition as easy as possible. Schedule a consultation today with our knowledgeable business brokers.