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What’s Wrong with Selling My Website Business On My Own?

Posted by Joe Pergolizzi in Articles


Just as some people sell their homes and their cars privately, many internet entrepreneurs feel that they can put up their website for sale by owner. While this might work out beautifully for some (1% actually), it is generally not the best idea if the entrepreneur wants to walk away with the maximum profit. For entrepreneurs asking, “How can I sell my website?” the best answer has always been and will always be: through an ecommerce business broker.

An ecommerce business broker is a professional liaison between the internet entrepreneur and banks, lenders and buyers. By seeking out a professional and seasoned ecommerce business broker, a website owner who is wondering how can I sell my website will discover that the first and most important answer to that question is through an ecommerce business broker who has decades of experience and a huge network of buyers available to take a look at every listing they provide.

Some of the benefits working with an ecommerce business broker can provide include vast experience in the due diligence process. One thing that often kills deals is inconsistencies in financials, and by working with an ecommerce business broker, these inconsistencies fall by the wayside because the broker has the experience and knows exactly how to dive into the due diligence process. An ecommerce business broker provides tremendous support and guidance, knowledge that an internet entrepreneur who is putting their website for sale by owner would not otherwise be privy to.

For those wondering ‘how can I sell my website?’, instead of fumbling around trying to negotiate deals themselves, they should look to the wisdom of a professional ecommerce business broker. Overall, an ecommerce business broker earns their money through helping business owners sell their sites. It’s their job to know the ins and outs of the process from start to finish. Trusting in one is not only practical; it makes sense in the long run to secure a maximum profit.