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Why Your Online Business Needs a Blog

Posted by Scott Reid in Articles


No, it’s not enough into today’s competitive online world to simply have a savvy, easily-navigated website. Adding a blog is like giving the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz a heart, it draws people to your company and gives them a peek into the company’s personality. It converts your online business from a money-making impersonal machine, into an individualized enterprise with a heart and soul.

An online business broker will also tell you that very importantly, it’s an SEO engine. Every blog post embedded with your keywords draws the search engines’ eyes your way, hopefully creating a more favorable position in the search engines for your website. And everyone knows that a more favorable search engine position means higher traffic and the possibility for increased sales.

Blogs allow you and your employees to share industry expertise with the rest of the world. By building your reputation as a knowledgeable person in your particular industry, you are also building yourself up as a leader for customers to turn to when they need questions answered or even products purchased.

By creating a blog on your site, you can multiply those efforts by duplicating the blog on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Blog posts fit nicely into newsletters and emails, as well. An online business broker will tell you that by blogging once, your marketing efforts increase exponentially.

In addition to creating free public relations, blogging also opens up communications between your company and customers and potential customers. By allowing them to comment on blog posts, they feel appreciated and you are able to help personalize your service and product efforts on their behalf.

Online companies are everywhere. They may not literally be a dime a dozen but they all want your attention, your business and your loyalty. By creating a blog for your company, you stay ahead of the curve while also giving your company its own voice. Your blog can introduce new products, talk about market trends, and can cement your brand into your customers’ minds.

According to a survey performed by HubSpot, a full 60% of businesses that blog gain more customers. Clearly, whether you’re in the process of selling a website and trying to improve the overall look of the website, or just trying to draw in more traffic, creating a blog of interest to your customers is a win-win proposition.