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Ready to Sell or Buy an Internet Business? Find a Reputable Online Business Broker First

Posted by John Fairchild in Articles

Is it the right time to sell an online business?

The answer to that is – it might be difficult to tell. A qualified, reputable online business broker will be able to assist you in determining if it’s the best time to sell an online business. There are many factors involved when it comes to selling an online business including:

  • What shape it’s in (does it require Turnaround consulting)
  • It’s niche and competitors
  • Seasonality of the products and/or services

Is it the right time to buy an internet business?

An equally baffling question! And one that is best answered by an experienced online business broker. When is, indeed, the best time to buy? Are you prepared for the acquisition? Do you need deal financing? What about your existing job? How much time will this new internet business require? Do you have the energy for it? Will it require training new employees? The questions are nearly endless. But the answers can be found with a reputable online business broker.

What makes an online business broker great?

When you’re about ready to dive into the sale of an online business, or purchasing one, you’re going to want to find the very best online business broker that you can. An online search reveals that there are plenty to choose from, so how do you go about deciphering from there?

What not to look at:

  • Don’t be fooled by fancy websites, anyone can create website razzle dazzle
  • Small sales figures. A couple million? Or perhaps they don’t boast any at all. An experienced online business broker will have hundreds of millions in sold websites
  • Do they offer a free consultation? If they don’t, keep walking, there are far better brokers out there who do

If you’re ready to sell an online business or buy an online business, contact They can provide you with all of the information you need to get started. They don’t take a commission until your website has sold, and they offer a free consultation and website valuation. They are one of the most reputable online business brokers and have been working in the industry for nearly two decades.