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Marketing Trends Online to Change the Essence of Inbound Marketing

Posted by Paul Volen in Articles


Remember the phrase, “Never leave home without it?” That phrase, coined by American Express several decades ago meant something different than it does today in the world of inbound marketing. It represents the fact that as of 2015, 91% of adults in America own and carry cell phones with them and are utilizing them more and more for inquiries and purchases. Which means, in turn, if your business is not optimized for mobile devices, then you are truly missing out. Plus, people who search locally on their mobile device make a purchase 78% of the time. Those are odds you simply cannot ignore.

The face of email marketing is changing. Losing some of the power it has seen in the past, an online business broker who is knowledgeable in the process will tell you that email subject lines and topics need to be smarter and more strategic in the months to come. Quality content will be what keeps customers and potential customers on your email list, and they will need some convincing of your credentials along the way. That’s why quality, industry-specific and timely content will play a key role.

Although the world’s human population is getting bigger, and it seemed that corporations and brands were facing the opposite direction for some time, they will need to start to humanize their brands. Perhaps solely because there are so many people, they don’t want to be just “a number” to the company they hand over their hard earned money to. If social media had but one face, it would be that of all humans combined, and companies are realizing this and allowing consumers to interact with them on a personal level in real-time.

Yes, dear, it really is a popularity contest. Social media means the ability to share what’s important, what’s funny, what’s current and what’s hot. Whether the trend is selling online websites, baby vines or Kim Kardashian’s derriere, the more people that share a piece of content, the higher it ranks in the search engines. To continue to be competitive, brands and companies will need to encourage social shares, which means, they need to have something of value to share and they need to install social share plugins to spur on people to share their content.

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