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Should Your Small Business Consider Selling on Amazon?

Posted by Matt Perkins in Articles

If you haven’t yet branched out into online opportunities to grow your business, the options are now better than ever. You can’t afford to wait when it comes to selling products, and tapping into the power of Amazon FBS might be one of the easiest and fastest ways for you to move forward.

Becoming an Amazon FBA seller is an extremely profitable and interesting prospect if you know what you are doing and if you have gathered the right advice. Many Amazon FBA sellers ultimately choose to exit their business when they have built it to the point that it becomes very profitable to sell the company and hand over the reins to another person. If you are just contemplating getting involved in an Amazon FBA selling, however, there is a good chance that you have questions. According to recent research, more than half of Amazon sales over 2017 were made by third party vendors.

The ecommerce monster has had a big impact on small businesses and many people are choosing to join Amazon FBA as their best option to protect themselves over Amazon’s increasing corner on the market. It can be very difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to get their products on to the shelves of big box retailers like Walmart or Target. The vendor application process in and of itself can take an extremely long time. In contrast, however, listing your products for sale using the Amazon FBA system can be accomplished extremely quickly.

This can help you to get your product in front of more than 237 million customers around the world and the process of online registration takes just a few minutes rather than the months associated with trying to get your products in a big box store. You can definitely make sales when you put your product in front of millions of users. The potential clients on Amazon can greatly expand your reach and brand awareness.

An online study recently found that consumers prefer online marketplaces sites such as Amazon because they provide a broad catalog of products, convenience, cheap shipping options and competitive prices. Online product reviews and outstanding customer support also increase the brand loyalty and trust, which means that when people trust Amazon, they might also trust your brand when you’ve begin to build your company there.

When you sign out for fulfillment by Amazon, you get access to many different benefits of working with this major retailer, including their shipping, customer service and warehousing divisions. Your box and send you inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center and then, while you concentrate on your production and many other aspects of running your business, Amazon selects, packs and ships off your products and even can provide customer service. Amazon will keep the customer information to itself and charge you for this service, but plenty of businesses find this to be a powerful and still meaningful trade off.