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Using Twitter to Grow Your Business and Increase Brand Awareness

Posted by RJ Martin in Articles


Social media is an excellent resource to increase brand awareness and grow a business. The structure of social media is such that it allows the entrepreneur to specifically target certain demographics that are the most likely to be influenced by these strategies. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more all have their distinctive and unique niches that allow the entrepreneur to shape and mold the personality of their business.

Twitter is one of the most favored of social media outlets and boasts 271 million active users tweeting and re-tweeting 500 million messages every day. Unlike other social media, Twitter only allows for 140 characters and so making them all count is imperative. An internet business broker who specializes in selling websites and improving sites will strongly suggest taking a few steps to make sure your tweets are landing where they should, as well as being read.

  • Don’t just blindly tweet and re-tweet. Listening to your demographic will help you decide what, when and the way you should be shaping your tweets. Want people to follow a link to a great sale or promotion? Write a catchy headline. Want people to share your content? Tweet what they want to see and get excited about. Want to evoke a reply? Start a titillating debate or ask a scintillating question.
  • Don’t know how to how to create an evocative Twitter headline? Follow these guidelines: Are you creating a sense of urgency? Is the tweet ultra-specialized toward a particular group? Are you offering something unique to your readership? Is the information useful? If all of these can be answered with a resounding yes, then Tweet away!
  • You would think you can’t do much with 140 characters but that’s what makes Tweets sweet. Make sure you use the same vibe, tone and feel of the demographic you are writing for, learn to emulate catchy headlines, avoid excess verbiage like the plague that killed 50 million people in 14th century Europe (you get the idea), and have something to offer by being informative.

Tweeting can help any business gain better ground as well as increase brand awareness. Tweets help entrepreneurs promote blog content, presentations, videos, and boosts website SEO. It’s a great way to get feedback from your audience and to gauge the popularity of the website. If you have any questions about selling a website or improving it to get it ready for sale, contact the experienced internet business broker today.