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Most people trudge through their day – the usual 9 – 5 with minimal passion, and minimal excitement. We all know that to live, we have to make money, and so it feels like sometimes, our jobs keep us prisoner. If you’re feeling the workday blues, maybe it’s time to ask yourself some important questions. […]
Productivity isn’t something we are born with – it isn’t necessarily genetic, and sometimes, it’s not even something we can learn. Being productive, for most of us is an uphill battle every single day, and it’s one that can, in fact, get easier if we put a little brain power behind it. The key though […]
The commute, the long hours, feeling underappreciated and underpaid, all take their toll on the average American employee. You’re at your workplace for over 40 hours a week, which is a huge hunk of time, so why not take the steps to turn your attitude around? First, Why Are People So Unhappy at Their Job? […]
Being successful in business doesn’t just mean working hard and being innovative, it’s also about successfully and personably interacting with the people who are working right along beside you. Lousy leadership means lower profits because employees are not inspired, and are often easily swayed to the competition. When you show great leadership skills, you have […]
Everyone has heard that when you think positively, good things follow. Being optimistic is supposed to get us through the day, confident that “things will work out in the long run.” And there is a truth behind it all in some ways – positivity does lower blood pressure and it enhances mood. But, will it […]
Success is available to every single one of us. It’s there for the taking; we just have to know how to go about obtaining it. There are many obstacles to success, and one of the worst is procrastination. The most motivated individual in the world might be zapped of that motivation by debilitating chronic procrastination. […]
Want to know one of the most powerful forces in your life? Your habits. Whether they are good or bad habits, they are borne of deep-seated beliefs and repetitive behavior and they shape who we are today. It’s been estimated that nearly half of everything we do every day is out of habit. Changing bad […]
Creative types and entrepreneurs have these moments often – they’re sitting in a meeting, or they’re on their way to work and they think, “If only I could be my own boss. I’d do things so much differently. I’d be so enthusiastic and pumped up in the morning.” And guess what, you can be. Even […]
In the past, people measured success by how well they raised their children, how kind they were to other people, and how hard they worked. These days, it seems more and more, that people are changing their measure of success to be how much money they make and how many “toys” they can buy. Before […]
It turns out, you’re not just what you eat, you are your bad habits and your good habits combined. Unfortunately, bad habits seem to take over a little more easily than the good ones. And, do you know what those bad habits are? They might not be so obvious and they are likely diminishing your […]