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Closed Deals

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SBA Pre-Qualified Patio Furniture Business – Private Label & Premium Brands – eCommerce, Wholesale & Retail Sales – Strong YOY Growth – Buy for 10% Down
Website Closers® presents an exceptional Outdoor Patio Business with Multiple Sales Channels operating from a number of online channels and...
Asking Price: $ 6,419,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,667,279
SBA Pre-Qualified Online Coaching & Professional Development Company – Strong YOY Growth for 5 Straight Years – 60% Margins
Website Closers® presents a thriving online company designed to teach clients how to grow their online coaching businesses organically. With...
Asking Price: $ 6,650,000
Cash Flow: $ 2,022,867
SaaS Technology Business in Ad-Testing Automation – Patented Live Audience Reactions – $14k AOV – 70% Recurring Revenue – 9 Year Business
Website Closers® presents a SaaS company that revolutionized the consumer insights industry by offering best-in-class advertising testing and research capabilities...
Asking Price: $ 1,750,000
Cash Flow: $ 292,774
Amazon eCommerce Business – Premium Home & Kitchen Goods – Organic Sales (No Marketing Spend) – $150 AOV – 79 SKUs – Strong YOY Growth
Website Closers® presents an Amazon FBA Company that is cooking up sales left and right. They have used a hybrid...
Asking Price: $ 655,000
Cash Flow: $ 217,744
Electrical Services Company with a Strong Online Presence – $14k AOV – 90% Proposal Success Rate – Full Team in Place – Strong YOY Growth
1Website Closers® presents a dynamic business specializing in generator installation. The electrical grid where this business operates has long been...
Asking Price: $ 1,400,000
Cash Flow: $ 599,320
eCommerce Brand in the Stash Jewelry Space – 7 Million Video Views – Large TikTok Following – Multi-Channel Sales – Strong Growth & Profitability
Website Closers® presents a fast-growing eCommerce Brand operating in the Jewelry Sector. The brand offers an array of high-demand "stash...
Asking Price: $ 700,000
Cash Flow: $ 245,776
Online B2B Lead Generation Firm for the Appliance Repair Category – 300-500 Leads Daily – 20-30% Projected Growth in 2023
Website Closers® presents an Online Lead-Generation Business focused on B2B Clients in the Appliance Repair Vertical. As technology marches on,...
Asking Price: $ 550,000
Cash Flow: $ 141,488
Wellness, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Products – eCommerce Brand – 35% Repeat Order Rate – $54 AOV – 6 Years in Business – Easy to Train & Easy to Transition
Website Closers® presents an International eCommerce Brand that operates in the wellness space, offering a range of Aromatherapy & Essential...
Asking Price: $ 600,000
Cash Flow: $ 245,605
Personalized, Handmade Wedding Gift Products eCommerce Brand – High Profit & Growth – 25% Margins – $119 AOV – US, French & German Markets
Website Closers® presents a brand that promises to make one of the most important occasions in a customer’s life more...
Asking Price: $ 980,000
Cash Flow: $ 306,138
Award Winning Data Science Company – Top 25 Globally – Customized Data Solutions/Platforms – ISO Certified – 60% Margins – Massive Growth Trend
Website Closers® presents a socially driven Data Science Company focused on customized data visualization solutions for clients with Sustainable Development...
Asking Price: $ 9,500,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,539,724
European Brand in the Custom Jewelry Vertical – Strong YOY Growth – Operates in 7 Countries – 22% Net Margins – $40 AOV – 70,000 Email Database
Website Closers® presents a gleaming gemstone of an eCommerce Brand that has, since their launch several years ago, captivated their...
Asking Price: $ 1,266,000
Cash Flow: $ 422,135
Book Publishing & Service Provider for Authors – 71% YOY Sales Growth – Distribution Rights Maintained on all Books – Experienced Team in Place
Website Closers® presents a Worldwide Publishing House that has been the perfect fit for a rising number of aspiring authors,...
Asking Price: $ 1,800,000
Cash Flow: $ 405,304