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Closed Deals

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14 Year Custom Aftermarket Automotive Products Brand – Well Known for their Private Label Suspension Brand – eCommerce and Wholesale Sales Channels
Website Closers® presents a great business that has been in operation for just under 14 years. They have experience offering...
Asking Price: $ 1,250,000
Cash Flow: $ 316,767
eBike DTC eCommerce Brand – 26% Net Margins – Proprietary and In-House Designs – Strong Social Media Following
Website Closers® presents a company with an enviable presence in the niche Electric Bike space. This is a product that...
Asking Price: $ 4,850,000
Cash Flow: $ 989,755
Amazon FBA Brand in the Blankets Category – 34% Margins – Simple to Operate Business – No Warehouse or Employees Necessary
Website Closers® presents a thriving FBA eCommerce business that has quickly become one Amazon’s best sources of various blankets –...
Asking Price: $ 575,000
Cash Flow: $ 134,675
European eCommerce Brand in the Women’s Lingerie Vertical – 5 Websites in Different Languages – 200% YOY Growth – 44% Net Margins
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce site that has staked out a unique place in the niche field of women’s lingerie,...
Asking Price: $ 550,000
Cash Flow: $ 237,710
SBA Pre-Approved Multi-Channel eCommerce Retailer offering Pet Supplies, Food, Home & Garden Products and More – 400+ Shipment Daily – $30 AOV – 700+ Active SKUs
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Business that markets a wide array of common, everyday items, racking up impressive sales on...
Asking Price: $ 1,500,000
Cash Flow: $ 382,102
23 Year Online Games, Solvers & Puzzles Website Business – Monetized via Programmatic Display Ads on 17+ Networks – All Organic Traffic – 78M Pageviews, 19M Monthly Sessions & 5M Uniques
Website Closers® presents an online business that has spent 23 years entertaining people who share the founder’s passion for puzzles...
Asking Price: $ 31,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 5,291,808
Historic 75 Year Old Men’s Hat Manufacturer & Retailer Brand – 500 Active B2B Clients – eCommerce, Wholesale & Private Label – Clients include Domestic & International Retailers, Gift & Tourism Shops, Theme Parks and More
Where were you in 1947? Just coming out of the Pacific Theater? Or perhaps you worked at Bell Laboratories, where...
Asking Price: $ 6,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,205,818
Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand in the Make Up & Beauty Products Space – 3 Brands – 11 Core Products – All Sales have been Organic To Date
Website Closers® presents a business that’s growing quickly on Amazon, offering three separate storefronts and brands to market popular beauty...
Asking Price: $ 1,600,000
Cash Flow: $ 514,053
Subscription Based eCommerce Brand with Accessories, Apparel, Essential Oils, Health Products and More – 80% of Sales are from Subscriptions – 4,500+ Active Members
Website Closers® presents a subscription-based eCommerce business that has found its niche among the Bohemian and Wellness markets. Young and...
Asking Price: $ 890,000
Cash Flow: $ 261,360
SBA Approved – Marketing Agency & Lead Generator for Children’s Activity Centers – Monthly, Sticky Recurring Revenue – $9,960+ LTV – 70% of Leads are Converted from Demos
Website Closers® presents an opportunity to acquire an industry leading Digital Agency that provides marketing and lead generation services to...
Asking Price: $ 950,000
Cash Flow: $ 202,117
Smart Home, Tech-Enabled Consumer Electronics Brand – Amazon FBA eCommerce Retailer – Notification & Alert Technology
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that is gaining a significant foothold is the rapidly evolving field of Smart Home,...
Asking Price: $ 1,800,000
Cash Flow: $ 358,298
Mobile Gaming Studio with 4 Mobile Games available for iPhone and Android Users – 3.4 Million Total Users & 235,000 Monthly Users – Also Sells a Board Game Version on Amazon
Website Closers® presents a rare opportunity to acquire a business with a secure foothold in the Mobile Game App industry....
Asking Price: $ 1,300,000
Cash Flow: $ 239,257